So loyal old customers and any young new ones that fancy joining us.

Spring Approaches

Over the next month, we can all gratefully receive and there is nothing COVID-19, the government or conspiracy theorists can do about it!


Ok so you will have to get up early to catch the first one, but the second will be there for all to see.

There are two things you can do with this extra daylight you can join me and our small socially distanced band of ‘Hoffian’ North Sea dippers at most high tides.


You can book your slots at the Alma@Home Take away.

We will be open

Sundays from 12midday till 3pm for full menu
& Monday-Saturday 4-5pm for collection of £40 cold Seafood platter & lobster deal.

from February 13th till March 14th (we will extend if we have enough takers)

This is what you have to do:

Contact us by text ASAP To book your slots First come first served.

Text hotline 07888557259

With your full name and the Date(s) and time(s) 10min intervals you would like to pick up your Alma@Home Take Away, we will confirm your slot or suggest the nearest free one.

E.g.       Nick May/ Sat13thFeb@5.50 /   Sun28thFeb@2.10 /   Sat13thMarch@6.40 


The menu for the week will be Published On our website on a Tuesday, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

You need to have orders to us by the Thursday before. All by text.


The Government have Decreed that you cannot take away alcohol!


I’m afraid the science says you should go to a supermarket and mingle with hundreds of others rather than support small local businesses, sorry if this changes we will let you know.

There is a petition available to voice your thoughts on this, there’s a link below if you would like to sign it.