New Alma New Normal

New Alma New Rules

After months of hibernation we are now welcoming guests back to the Alma as of 4th July.

When you get here you will notice that some things have changed in order to keep our staff and pub users safe, if you are not happy to comply with these rules you are welcome to wait until the world has returned to normal before you come in.

Part deux RULES
* You will need to wear a mask to enter and move around the building (we will be) – if you do not have one we have a selection in exchange for a charitable donation.
* There is a one way system in place, everybody must enter via Kings Head Street and leave via Eastgate Street.
* Each party will be required to leave a contact number for at least one member of the group, this will be kept for 21 days to comply with track and trace.
* The garden is for now a no smoking or vapping zone – arrangements have been made to enjoy your nicotine with a walk round the block and re-enter via Kings Head Street.
* Take away service, Beer Wine Sunday lunches etc. use the Saloon door in Kings Head Street.
* Bookings are Not required.
* The table is Yours for Two hours.
* Table service only.
* No moving tables or moving tables.
* Tables are for a maximum of 6 people from a maximum of 2 households.
* Dogs are now Allowed but if you have an excessively friendly, cute, large or unfriendly dog we would ask you to apply caution, we don’t want dogs causing interactions either with other dogs or other humans.
* Children who cannot be relied upon to stay at a table are not allowed at this time.

Bookings can be made by phone (01255318681) but aren’t always needed – if you are definatly coming or making a special journey better safe than sorry!


For overnight guests we will not only be cleaning to our normal high standard but with even better cleaning products for your protection. In addition will be instituting a policy of “pillow quarantine” all pillows will spend 3 days in pillow jail before being reused – if guests would be happier to bring their own pillows that is totally fine and we are happy to provide linen for you.